CAN Health and Wellness Newsletter – Helping Mitigate Substance Misuse
April 26, 2022

Health and Wellness Newsletter
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Welcome to our Health and Wellness newsletter! This month, we are getting ready to celebrate National Prevention Week starting on May 9th. While this awareness week comes once a year, developing strategies to support the youth in your community should be year-round. In this newsletter, we are sharing multiple resources not only to support the holistic health of the youth in our lives, but also to understand that teachers, administrators, site coordinators, and all other educators that support students should take care of themselves as well.

Register to be a part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Prevention Week virtual platform for a multitude of resources! Explore these other resources to help mitigate substance misuse and how to support your students and others in your community who suffer from it:

This month, we are also continuing to share content surrounding the Whole Child Health and Wellness Vision as well as other approaches that prioritize the cumulative wellness of students in our Expanded Learning programs.

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New Brief: A Developmental Framework for the Integration of Social and Emotional Learning and Career and Workforce Development

CASEL released a new brief titled A Developmental Framework for the Integration of Social and Emotional Learning and Career and Workforce Development to help states with integrating SEL with career and workforce development efforts. Young people need to develop skills like empathy, problem-solving, and collaboration as their foundation. This brief includes helping with social and emotional skills to help young people navigate a rapid changing world. 

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Mental Health, Mental Illness, and SEL
Thursday, May 5, 2022; 11:00 AM PST

AASA and the Forum for Youth Investment are co-hosting a webinar on Mental Health, Mental Illness, and SEL. Mental health and mental illness concerns have risen for students and educators over the course of the pandemic, with a barrage of recent reports declaring a youth mental health crisis. In this webinar, explore fundamental differences in the frameworks of mental health, SEL, and mental illness, as well as the stigmas surrounding them.

Register today!