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Health & Wellness Newsletters

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Health and Wellness Newsletter

CAN Health & Wellness Newsletter – Improving Adolescent Mental Health
May 24, 2022

Black Scrabble pieces spelling out "Mental Health Matters"

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As we continue to live in the “new normal,” we have become aware of the unprecedented mental health crisis affecting our youth as well as adults. Use this month to learn about mental health and how to fight the stigma to help the ones in your community get the resources they deserve.

This month’s newsletter shares many resources on mental health: how to prioritize one’s mental health, resources for the classroom, and more. 

Health and Wellness Newsletter

CAN Health and Wellness Newsletter – Helping Mitigate Substance Misuse
April 26, 2022

boy in red polo and man in blue polo gardening

Welcome to our Health and Wellness newsletter! This month, we are getting ready to celebrate National Prevention Week starting on May 9th. While this awareness week comes once a year, developing strategies to support the youth in your community should be year-round. In this newsletter, we are sharing multiple resources not only to support the holistic health of the youth in our lives, but also to understand that teachers, administrators, site coordinators, and all other educators that support students should take care of themselves as well.

Health and Wellness Newsletter

CAN Health & Wellness Newsletter – Celebrating School-Based Health Care Awareness Month!
February 22, 2022

two girls wearing masks looking at camera

Welcome to the second installment of CAN’s Health and Wellness newsletter of 2022! This February, we are celebrating School-Based Health Center Awareness Month! All children and adolescents deserve to thrive and grow into the young adults we know they can be. But too many struggle because they lack access to health care services. School-based health care is a fantastic solution, bringing health care to where students already spend the majority of their time: in school. When health and education come together, great things happen —and our youth are allowed to heal. 

Health and Wellness Newsletter

CAN Health & Wellness Newsletter – Starting Off On The Right Foot
January 25, 2022

A stack of rocks by a river

Welcome to the first installment of CAN’s Health and Wellness newsletter of 2022! 

As we continue to share content surrounding the Whole Child Health and Wellness Vision as well as other approaches that prioritize the cumulative wellness of students in our Expanded Learning programs, don’t forget to think about your mental and physical wellbeing and it’s importance to not only yourself, but the youth you are serving. 

Health and Wellness Newsletter

CAN Health & Wellness Newsletter- It’s Time for a Safe Transition Back to School
October 27, 2021

Image if young child walking with hands on head and breathing.

Welcome to CAN’s Health & Wellness Newsletter! In the third installment of our revamped Newsletter, we will continue to share content surrounding the Whole Child Health and Wellness Vision as well as other approaches that prioritize the cumulative wellness of students in our Expanded Learning programs. As schools navigate the fall school year and new funding opportunities in California to support young people, operating safely is a priority, for all students and educators. 

CAN Newsletter

Register Today for the AB86 ELO Grant Convening

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As part of the  Assembly Bill (AB) 86 COVID-19 relief package $4.6 billion will be distributed to LEAs through the Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant, which can be used for extended instructional learning time, learning supports, health, counseling mental health and social emotional learning, community learning hubs, supports for credit deficient pupils, and training for school staff.


Whole Child Health and Wellness Strategic Direction and Call to Action
April 2021

Creating Conditions for Thriving

CAN is excited to release our Statement of Strategic Direction Toward Equity-Driven Whole Child Health and Wellness. This document is a culmination of the work of the Whole Child Health and Wellness Collaborative (consisting of multi-sector stakeholders from health, mental health, social services, substance use prevention/intervention/treatment, education, expanded learning, and child and family advocacy) throughout 2020. The multi-sector-informed Statement of Strategic Direction outlines a vision where every child is well known, well cared for, and well prepared to thrive.  The statement also includes ”shared equity strategies” that can be implemented from the state to the site-level through cross-sector partnership with Expanded Learning Programs to meet critical needs and advance Whole Child Health and Wellness. It is accompanied by a shorter Call To Action

CAN Newsletter

CAN Health and Wellness Newsletter – Whole Child Health and Wellness Launch
February 4, 2020

Image of Page One of Event Summary

Many thanks to those who joined the December 18 launch of the Collaborative to Advance Whole Child Health and Wellness. It was an extraordinary day and we deeply appreciate the gift of time that you made to the launch of this strategic planning process.

We are happy to provide a brief two-page summary of the amazing work that was accomplished that day with links to the full body of notes.

Health and Wellness Newsletter

NuPA Newsletter – May is National Bike Month
May 2019

Change it up and ride your bike! Metrolink in the Los Angeles County will be kicking off National Bike Month by biking together rather than driving alone! Bicycling to work means fewer cars on the road and less pollution. It can also save you money while providing a fun and safe way for kids and adults to get in much needed physical activity. An often overlooked, but extremely important aspect of Bike Month is bicycle safety.

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NuPA Newsletter – March is National Nutrition Month!
March 2019

National Nutrition Month® is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign, celebrated each year during the month of March, focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

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NuPA Newsletter – October 15, 2018

Welcome back to school!

The Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Team is thrilled to be back from Summer break, and providing you with tons of afterschool updates and NuPA resources. We hope that you find the information in this newsletter valuable and continue to stay tuned for future NuPA newsletters. Do you have a friend or colleague you would like to share the newsletter with? Send them the link to the CAN NuPA newsletter webpage where they can access the newsletter and sign up to receive future action team correspondence!

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NuPA Newsletter – Hello, Summer!

Hello Expanded Learning Professionals,

Summertime and sunshine is finally here! The California Afterschool Network’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Planning Team would like to wish everyone a safe, sunsoaked, and relaxing summer break. This will be our final newsletter of the school year, and we hope you find the resources shared to be useful during the summer months. We look forward to re-connecting with everyone after the break! 

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NuPA Newsletter – April 12, 2018

Hello Expanded Learning Professionals,

Did you know, April is Move More Month?! Take a moment to think of ways you can incorporate more physical activity into your daily life and make April your most active month ever. During this month, people across the country are innovating ways to get their communities more physically active. However you decide to stay active this month, spread the word and share with your friends!