CAN Health & Wellness Newsletter – Starting Off On The Right Foot
January 25, 2022

Health and Wellness Newsletter
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Welcome to the first installment of CAN’s Health and Wellness newsletter of 2022! 

As we continue to share content surrounding the Whole Child Health and Wellness Vision as well as other approaches that prioritize the cumulative wellness of students in our Expanded Learning programs, don’t forget to think about your mental and physical wellbeing and it’s importance to not only yourself, but the youth you are serving. 

This month’s newsletter explores exciting changes for the year including Gavin Newsom’s new budget proposal, as well as a multitude of resources that emphasize the importance of mental wellness of students and educators alike. 

Explore these additional resources to help ground you and the students you serve to start the year off on the right foot:

Thank you for all you do to create conditions for young people to thrive!

In This Newsletter:

Governor Gavin Newsom standing at the podium

Governor Newsom’s New Budget Proposal

The California School-Based Health Alliance (CSHA) summarized the budget that was released by Governor Newsom for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. 

The budget has many priorities including: 

  • Health for All, Medi-Cal to all adults aged 26 to 49
  • Advancing equity and improving quality in children’s preventive and integrated behavioral health care
  • Significant increase in education funding to address expansion of transitional kindergarten
  • Significant investments to address health care and education workforce issues
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SEL Commitments for 2022

CASEL released a list of 2022 SEL Commitments:

  • Commitment 1: Safe and Caring Schools  
    • Creating long-term solutions to keep students safe that address the root causes. Focusing on positive relationships will help reduce the risk of violent behaviors. This, however, does not replace mental health supports.
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Prioritizing Educator Wellness

EdSource released an article about how to invest in teachers so that students and schools can thrive during this time. Prioritizing educator wellness can look like:

  • Being specific when defining wellness
  • Integrating a wellness focus into teacher training
  • Recognizing and addressing broader challenges in the environment 
  • Alleviating financial barriers
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Youth and Substance Use Prevention Webinars

The California School-Based Health Alliance has two webinars on Youth and Substance Use Prevention: