SRI Afterschool Science Forum
Research Results and Implications for the Future


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SRI Education and the California AfterSchool Network are hosting 4 forums focused on the current state and future direction of afterschool science, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Invited thought leaders from the afterschool and informal science fields will gather to:

  • Discuss important research findings from the first comprehensive multi-year study of science education in California’s state-funded afterschool programs
  • Generate implications of these research findings for practice, policy, funding, and program support
  • Shape an agenda for the future of afterschool science

SRI Education will be sharing the results of a one-of-a-kind study of state-funded afterschool science programs in California. By examining the opportunities to learn science, the materials in use, and the network of support organizations who serve as partners, the findings allow for a data-driven discussion about the future of afterschool science, its challenges and promises, in California and beyond.

Each forum will be an opportunity for thought leaders to learn and lead the conversation about the future of science education in afterschool. Perspectives of those in the fields of afterschool programs, policy, research, funding, afterschool support services, and other areas of work that influence and shape afterschool experiences for youth will be involved in the discussion.

SRI Education’s research raises important questions about, and points to great opportunities for, improving youth’s access to rich science learning experiences, including:

  • Building partnerships and network opportunities
  • Using high quality science instructional materials
  • Providing more access to science-focused professional development
  • Fostering awareness and access to afterschool science resources

The forums will take place in Los Angeles (March 14, 2014), Sacramento (March 18, 2014), the San Francisco Bay Area (April 16, 2014) and at the Best of Out-Of-School Time Conference in Palm Springs (April 29, 2014).

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