Additional Resources for Program Start-Up


The Afterschool Alliance
The Afterschool Alliance works to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs. Visit the Afterschool Alliance Start-Up page for an abundance of resources, tools, and tips for starting an afterschool program in your community.

Beyond the Bell Toolkit
Beyond the Bell – A Toolkit for Creating Effective Afterschool and Expanded Learning Programs is a practical and easy-to-use guide to afterschool programming that, contains great information for program leaders who want to start or improve an afterschool and expanded leaning program. 

Impact Afterschool Start-Up Guide 2012
The Iowa Afterschool Alliance has created the Impact Afterschool Start-Up Guide to help equip practitioners with strategies and tools to get up to speed faster and achieve more, sooner. Use this as a blueprint for creating your action plan and assist you during the start-up phase of program implementation.

SEDL Start-Up Guide
This third edition of A Resource Guide for Planning and Operating Afterschool Programs provides a description of resources to support 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool programs. Many of the entries will also apply to before-school, summer, and community learning center programs. 

Afterschool Roadmap
The California AfterSchool Network has created at the Afterschool Roadmap to help you navigate the complex after school landscape in California. Utilize this document as you begin your journey, and don’t forget to review the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California!