Governor’s May Revise-After School Education and Safety Program
CA Update: Friday, May 15, 2020

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A message from the California Department of Education Expanded Learning Division:

Dear Expanded Learning Grantees,

As you may be aware, yesterday our Governor gave the annual “May Revise” update to his budget plan, which was originally released in January. Obviously, a lot has happened since January, and the impact of COVID-19 to our California economy was reflected in the budget numbers released yesterday. Since education is the largest sector funded by the budget, a significant impact to the economy means a reduction in revenue, including revenues for education. This sobering reality will dramatically impact our own agency, counties, districts, schools, and, ultimately, our students and staff.

The proposal included a reduction to many K–12 Categorical Programs including a reduction of $100 million of the After School Education and Safety program funding. We are preparing for budget hearings in the Senate and Assembly that start next week. We want to remind you that this budget, and everything in it, is only proposed at this point and has to make its way through the legislative process before it is final.

We understand this news is unsettling and stressful. There is still more work to be done before the Legislature approves the final state budget.

Please continue to stay safe during these times,

Michael Funk
Expanded Learning Division
California Department of Education