Reopening in California: A Blog Post from Michael Funk
July 9, 2020

Children hands in a pile

Reopening in California: “Programs need to be there from the beginning” 

Earlier this month, California released its school reopening plan, “Stronger Together: A Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California’s Public Schools.”  Michael Funk expresses feeling very proud that the Expanded Learning Division at the California Department of Education was asked to submit a section on expanded learning for the reopening plan. The Expanded Learning Division took a specific approach for their section of the plan in order to lay out the strengths of expanded learning and why it’s critically important to have expanded learning deeply involved in the reopening of schools.

Michael has a deep history in the afterschool field and currently serves as the Director of the Expanded Learning Division for the California Department of Education. This blog was created in part from an interview with Michael from Californian AfterSchool Network’s Fireside Chat series.