SB 1221 CDE Implementation Timeline
A message from the CDE After School Division


During the last legislative session, Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1221 (Hancock). This new law amends sections of the California Education Code (EC) related to after school. Major pieces of SB 1221 to be implemented are the following:

  • Supports high quality year round expanded learning programs
  • Updates reporting requirements and improves the use of data to impact program quality
  • Provides new minimum funding for ASES programs
  • Provides for additional transportation funding for those ASES programs located in extreme rural areas

SB 1221 Implementation Timeline

  1. In early 2015, CDE will prepare guidance to the field on the related compliance issues contained in the statute. It is anticipated that this guidance will be available for programs in late spring 2015. Programs will then be expected to use the guidance to comply with the requirements including, but not limited to, submission of a plan on the process that programs will undertake to improve program quality. Following submission of these quality improvement process plans to the CDE, programs can expect that technical assistance and support will be available to address the statutorily driven continuous cycle of improvement. Information on accessing resources and support for the quality improvement process will be available in the fall of 2015. Programs are not expected to adhere to the statute until fall of 2015 when CDE will fully implement the requirements.
  2. In April 2015 the CDE will notify all ASES grantees that are currently funded below the new minimum that they will be receiving additional ASES funds to bring them up to $27,000 per site. These new funds will be reflected in grant awards issued in July 2015 onward. In addition, all new ASES grant awards funded from July 2015 onward will be in amounts of no less than $27,000.
  3. In the fall of 2015 the CDE will release an ASES RFA that will to allow new and continuing ASES grantees with sites located in extreme rural areas to apply for transportation funds up to $15,000 per site. Funding for these grants will begin in July of 2016.
  4. In the fall of 2016 the CDE will release a 21st Century Community Learning Centers RFA that will include new priorities for funding summer after school programs. Applicants will receive priority funding if they provide year-round expanded learning programming, including programs that complement existing funded programs. The applicant will not be required to be the same entity that operates the existing program.