Whole Child Health and Wellness Strategic Direction and Call to Action
April 2021

Creating Conditions for Thriving

CAN is excited to release our Statement of Strategic Direction Toward Equity-Driven Whole Child Health and Wellness. This document is a culmination of the work of the Whole Child Health and Wellness Collaborative (consisting of multi-sector stakeholders from health, mental health, social services, substance use prevention/intervention/treatment, education, expanded learning, and child and family advocacy) throughout 2020. The multi-sector-informed Statement of Strategic Direction outlines a vision where every child is well known, well cared for, and well prepared to thrive.  The statement also includes ”shared equity strategies” that can be implemented from the state to the site-level through cross-sector partnership with Expanded Learning Programs to meet critical needs and advance Whole Child Health and Wellness. It is accompanied by a shorter Call To Action

It would be our vision at CAN that at the end of multiple years of increased state and federal investments in education, expanded learning, and other human services that California has created the collaborative structures necessary to achieve the vision outlined by the Whole Child Health and Wellness Collaborative. We suggest sharing these documents with your stakeholders as you plan to leverage Expanded Learning Opportunities grants and American Rescue Plan funds. 

These documents represent just the beginning of this work. More updates on upcoming work coming soon!