Jeff Davis
Executive Director


Jeff Davis is the Executive Director for the California AfterSchool Network (CAN). Jeff has worked with CAN since its inception, first as Program Coordinator, then as Program Director and Executive Director. Jeff had the fortunate opportunity to begin his career in expanded learning as an Americorps volunteer in the CalServes expanded learning program.

Throughout his tenure with CAN, Jeff has had the opportunity to make many meaningful contributions to the expanded learning field. He has played an integral role in creating quality frameworks including the California Afterschool Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool and the  Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California. Mr. Davis organized diverse stakeholders to support older youth programs, advance after school nutrition and physical activity, address unique rural program needs, and provide effective supports for English learners, promote Social-Emotional Learning, and advance STEM learning. As a seasoned expanded learning stakeholder and the editor of the State of the State of Expanded Learning in California, Jeff brings a great understanding of the expanded learning landscape.   

Jeff has played an integral role in creating quality frameworks and standards. He has also led efforts to advance positive youth development, Social-Emotional Learning, STEM, nutrition and physical activity, and unique support to older youth, English Learners, and rural programs. Mr. Davis facilitated the convening of the Whole Child Health and Wellness Collaborative, which recently released their Statement of Strategic Direction Toward Equity-Driven Whole Child Health and Wellness. The vision for this equity-driven approach to whole child health and wellness is summarized in his recent blog post, California’s Golden Opportunity. These efforts are unpacked further in a chapter Mr. Davis authored in It Takes an Ecosystem: Understanding the People, Places, and Possibilities of Learning and Development Across Settings.  He is also one of many authors of the recently released Supporting California’s Children Through a Whole Child Approach: A Field Guide for Creating Integrated, School-Based Systems of Care.

A little-known fact about Jeff is that some say he has the most formidable calves in OST.  In his spare time, Jeff enjoys gardening in his backyard, bicycling the American River Parkway, seeing and playing music, traveling, and spending quality time with his daughter Zoe and his son Austin.