Reflecting on our Equity Journey in 2022!
Vol. 11

CAN Equity Journey

As you may remember, we launched our blog series, “Equity Evolution: CAN’s Growth Story,” in June 2021. This series explores the growth that CAN as an organization, in its entirety, and on an individual basis, is going through to become a more equitable and just organization. As we reflect on 2022, we featured the following blogs:

To learn how we are doing this work we invite you to access the resources below and learn alongside us as we continue promoting equity-driven practices to ensure OST programs serve California’s most marginalized children, youth, and families with environments that embrace diversity and equity regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, income level, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression.


We look forward to our continued Equity Journey in 2023, where we will continue to lift CAN’s team voices and hold space and lift voices in the field.