CAN Newsletter – Welcome Back to AfterSchool!
September 10, 2019

CAN Newsletter
Welcome Back!

Back to school time is here! As we prepare for students to start the new school year, let’s ensure teachers and educators have the tools they need to make their schools safer, and more inclusive, to welcome back ALL students. 

Below, we’ve provided a few resources for parents and after school professionals to help ease the back-to-school butterflies and kick off the year with a highlight on Social Emotional Learning!

  • Using Social Emotional Learning to Alleviate Back-to-School Anxiety 
    Includes  recommendations for teachers, tools and behaviors to test out, and a set of resources targeted, separately, to young learners and adolescent learners.  
  • Character Lab Playbooks 
    A  ready-to-use resource that targets a specific character strength. Playbooks are currently available for ten strengths, including emotional intelligence, purpose, and curiosity. 
  • Facing History and Ourselves Back-to-School Toolkit 
    This toolkit provides a one-week unit to support the establishment of classroom norms and an inclusive environment, enabling students to develop their social-emotional skills and to engage in an open and supportive classroom community.  
  • SEL Integration Approach and Teacher Self-Check Tool 
    Intended to support classroom teachers in their efforts to integrate social-emotional learning into their curriculum and regular classroom activities.  
  • 13 Powerful SEL Activities 
    Includes a set of opening, group sharing, and closing activities that teachers use at California’s Summit Preparatory Charter High School. These include mindfulness, stress reduction, and circle sharing.  
  • Four Vital Elements Needed to Create a Welcoming School 
    Creating a school environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all students requires a “whole school” approach. This article provides a checklist and examples of key elements of creating an inclusive, welcoming school. 

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Snap the Gap!

Snap the Gap!

Snap the Gap is a non-profit initiative aimed at closing the gender gap in STEM education and careers. Their mission is to encourage every 10-12-year-old girl in the United States with the courage, confidence and tools needed to become tomorrow’s STEM leaders, and to snap this gap! Check out more about this STEM initiative, and discover ways you can get involved today!  


Four Ways to Support Teens’ Social-Emotional Development at School 

Recent research by Civic with Hart Research Associates, Perspectives of Youth on High School & Social and Emotional Learning, indicates a lack of social and emotional skills development leaves students feeling unprepared for life after high school. Teens need more opportunities to dig deeper—to actively explore who they are, what drives them, and who they want to be in the world. So how can we better address teens’ developmental needs?


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