CAN Newsletter – September 1, 2017
Welcome Back to After School!


Welcome back to after school! At the California AfterSchool Network we are more committed than ever to our purpose to increase access to high-quality out-of-school time programs that support success for all children and youth. The CAN team thanks you for all you do every day to transform the lives of your student participants, support working families and positively impact your communities. CAN’s mission is to support you in those efforts by providing the tools and resources necessary to build high-quality out-of-school time programs in California This newsletter is one of the ways we work to support you and your staff. As you begin your school year make sure your colleagues, staff, and partners get connected with CAN’s newsletter and social media. 

Your work has never been more important. The safe, supportive, caring environment you create is so critical for our youth as we begin this new school year. Your work compliments school learning while allowing participants to learn new things in new ways, to explore their interests, and to discover their passions. That is why here at CAN we will continue to advocate for you and to shine a light on your important work. But we will need your help. This year, like all years, is proving to be another important year to advocate for your importance.  This newsletter is one important avenue to provide you information on ways to get engaged. I hope this year you will continue to answer the call to highlight how critical your work is to children, youth, families, and communities. 

Thank you for all you do. 

Jeff Davis
Executive Director
California AfterSchool Network 

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Free CAN Tools and Resources to Support Continuous Quality Improvement

The Crosswalk Between the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning and Program Quality Assessment Tools outlines a number of available tools for quality assessment and improvement, including a matrix indicating the degree to which each tool supports assessment of the Quality Standards.  The California After School Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool was found to have a high level of alignment with the quality standards. The Tool, User Guide and online training outline how to use the tool as part of a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process. In addition, CAN has created a series of videos describing each section of the Tool, and a series of webinars and a guide describing promising practices related to each section of the tool. These resources, along with the The High School After School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric and corresponding videos are freely available for programs to utilize as part of a process of continuous quality improvement (CQI).