School’s Out…Who Ate?


In 2015, more than 1.7 million of California’s most vulnerable kids fell into the summer nutrition gap. “School’s Out…Who Ate?” is an annual report published by California Food Policy Advocates to examine the reach of federal summer meal programs across the state. The report describes a summer nutrition gap that spans over 1.7 million kids across the state. That means 85 percent of children who rely on the health and academic benefits of free or reduced-price lunches during the school year miss out on similar meals during the summer. On the upside, while California’s summer meal gap is substantial and persistent, when it comes to federally funded free or reduced-price (FRP) summer lunches served, progress continues to be made. From July 2014 to July 2015, more than 130,000 additional FRP lunches were served across all summer nutritional programs for an overall increase of 2 percent. Read more here