CAN Newsletter – Responding to Attacks in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton
August 13, 2019

CAN Newsletter
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Our country has recently endured great loss and suffering – the CAN team joins the nation in mourning those lost to violence and our condolences go out to the communities affected by the recent tragedies. Like many of you, we’re feeling angry, exhausted, and heartbroken. We take some solace in offering these valuable resources for supporting your students and communities and for doing what you can to fight hate before it turns violent. 

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Cover: Keys to Effective District Summer Learning Programs

Keys to Effective District Summer Learning Programs

The Wallace Foundation recently published a new Perspective Summer—A Time for Learning: Five Lessons From School Districts and Their Partners About Running Successful Programs. The publication highlights five key lessons for those interested in introducing or enhancing district summer learning programs, including the importance of early planning and a focus not just on program quality, but also what makes summer special. 

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Strategies Schools Can Use To Become More Trauma-Informed

“If you’re fearful, if you’re anxious, if you’re distracted about something that’s happened to you, you literally can’t learn. Your brain shuts down,” LPI President Linda Darling-Hammond explains in this article and accompanying video on trauma-informed instruction. This story is part of a series by KQED’s Mindshift and Edutopia and features videos from Edutopia’s “How Learning Happens” series. 


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