CAN Special Newsletter – Budget Updates & Resources
January 29, 2021

CAN Newsletter
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In recent weeks there have been many exciting but nuanced budget and legislative updates that impact Expanded Learning in California. Our most recent fireside chat with Michael Funk and additional resources are provided in this newsletter to help you navigate and provide input during this rapidly evolving time.

We also encourage you to get engaged and make your voice heard! You all are the experts and we need your leadership. There is a new statewide survey out to help inform state policy and priorities in real-time, registration is open for the 2021 California Afterschool & Summer Challenge, and the CAN Leadership Team Application deadline has been extended to Friday, February 19th.

In This Newsletter:

First Chat of 2021: Urgent Budget and Legislation Updates

First Chat of 2021: Urgent Budget and Legislation Updates
Fireside Chat: January 28, 2021

Join us for our 22nd and first fireside chat of 2021. In this chat, Heather Williams from the California AfterSchool Network is joined by Michael Funk from the Expanded Learning Division of the California Department of Education and Jen Dietrich from the Partnership for Children and Youth to discuss budget and legislation updates that impact California’s Expanded Learning programs. Below are opportunities outlined during the chat.

Your Voice Matters!

Statewide Survey: Impact & Role of CA’s Expanded Learning Programs 2020-21
Deadline: Friday, February 19, 2021

Informing State Policy & Priorities in Real-Time: Impact & Role of CA’s Publicly-Funded Expanded Learning Programs 2020-2021

The CDE Expanded Learning Division, in partnership with ASAPconnect, the California AfterSchool Network, and the Partnership for Children & Youth, is conducting an urgent statewide survey to collect data to inform policy decisions regarding future funding, program flexibility, and technical assistance. 

Due to the ongoing challenges of school closures and the pandemic, state and local policymakers are rapidly seeking to invest billions in resources for schools to mitigate learning loss including “expanded learning time,” learning hubs, and summer programming. 

It is essential that the experience and expertise of expanded learning programs that serve students and families directly inform the ongoing and shifting COVID-19 priorities and regulations about what students, schools, and communities need now and over the next year. 

Publication Cover

A Hub of Community Resilience: California’s Expanded Learning Programs Respond to Crisis
A State of the State Brief: December 2020

This State of the State Brief provides a high-level overview of the public investment in the Expanded Learning Infrastructure in California and how that system has been leveraged to respond to crises in the state, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanded Learning programs are a critical partner to help California respond to crises and ultimately build back stronger.  Pandemic or not, Expanded Learning programs need equitable and sustainable funding to ensure the economic success of young people and their futures, as well as the progress of California. An investment in Expanded Learning is an investment in our youth, our families, and our communities. 

We Love Afterschool

We <3 Afterschool
Friday, February 12, 2021

Mark your calendars for We <3 Afterschool on February 12, 2021! There are millions of reasons to love afterschool. Especially during a pandemic, afterschool programs are keeping kids safe, inspiring them to learn, and helping working families. Tell the world why you, your students, and your community love your afterschool program! Visit the We <3 Afterschool page to find a printable activity sheet, graphics, and social media copy.


Join the CAN Leadership Team!
Deadline Extended: Friday, February 19, 2021

CAN is Seeking New Leaders!

The California AfterSchool Network Leadership Team is a geographically, professionally, and culturally diverse group of out-of-school time stakeholders charting the course for CAN. As the primary governing body of CAN, the Leadership Team guides all aspects of CAN’s work including its strategy, procurement and use of resources, Leadership Team and Field Committee operations, as well as Executive Director support. 

Register Today

Register Today for the 2021 California Afterschool & Summer Challenge!
March 8-9, 2021

Registration is now open for the VIRTUAL 17th Annual CA Afterschool & Summer Challenge taking place March 8-9, 2021!  

While we will not be meeting in Sacramento, you still have the opportunity to stand with hundreds of students, families, and afterschool providers to demand adequate support for our programs and communities. 

Legislators need to hear from you! As a participant, you will be in a small team and will still have the opportunity to meet with your elected officials and staff to share important role that afterschool has played in the lives of your students, families, and communities this past year.

Register by February 19