CAN Newsletter – Summer is Here!
July 12, 2022

CAN Newsletter
Two kids at the beach, one of them in the water, the other doing a cartwheel

Happy Summer! For young people, summer can be full of outdoor play, camp experiences, trips, and vacations. However, for some youth and their families, especially those in underserved or under-resourced areas, summer might not include opportunities for those camp-like experiences or vacations. Some young people might not have a physically and emotionally safe environment to benefit from during the day and might also face food instability. However, as youth developers, we know how important it is for all children and youth to have fun, engaging, and enriching summer learning opportunities in our CA communities.

For educators, summer is also a season to reflect on the past school year, engage in wellness, and take a break to recharge and return with a growth mindset to ideate, plan and design the next school year! We hope everyone is taking the time they need to return refreshed and excited to reconnect with our young people.

We are sharing resources below to support educators providing Summer Learning Opportunities, and for those families or community members who might need support during this season. 

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Budget is Signed! and Other Leg Updates

Budget is Signed! and Other Leg Updates
Fireside Chat: July 1, 2022

Join us for our 43rd Fireside Chat! In this chat, Heather Williams from the California AfterSchool Network is joined by Michael Funk, Director of the Expanded Learning Division of the California Department of Education (EXLD),.

The 22-23 budget has been signed! Hear the latest on what it means for the Expanded Learning in California. We also cover the latest on two pieces of legislation related to our Expanded Learning programs.

Access Budget and Legislation Information referenced below:

Thank you from the Convening planning team

2022 CA ELO Post-Convening Update & Materials

Thank you to all of our attendees, presenters, guest speakers, and planning team! We truly enjoyed our day with you and hope the #CAELOProgram convening provided you with an opportunity to connect and learn.

And if you weren’t able to make it – no problem! You can still access the materials! 

Convening Materials & Resources

San Francisco Muni bus

Equity Evolution: CAN’s Growth Story
Vol. 9

As we are in the midst of summer, I thought I’d share an equity story around a population we care deeply about. Youth. 

As a city kid, summers in San Francisco were not really defined as warm weather and sunny days. Summer weather is fog, wind, and the opportunity to wear a slightly thinner jacket. I used to define summers as the time when the MUNI buses were empty and I could sit in my preferred seat in the back, the seat where I could people watch and hope someone I knew would get on the bus so we could chat.

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We want to hear from YOU! Participate in the Power of Us Survey

Millions of professionals and volunteers work with young people every day in the many settings where youth play, learn, and grow outside of the school day. Yet, we have little collective information about this essential workforce. You can help change this!

Power of Us wants to know more about those who are still in the youth fields and those who left, so that they can explore, define, and elevate this collective workforce and their work with youth. The information from the Power of Us Workforce Survey can also lead to action, informing policy, practice, and further research to better support the workforce.

We believe that if we know more, we can do more!

Take the survey today!

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FREE – COVID Testing Kits

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Vaccinate All 58 (VA58) Campaign is offering free over the counter (OTC) test kits for community based, faith based and grassroots organizations.

Their goal is to increase the number of people who have access to OTC test kits, especially those who need them most, including those who are uninsured and/or unable to get test kits covered through insurance.