Grantee Orientation Workshops


Grantee Orientation Virtual Workshops

In collaboration with the California Department of Education’s Expanded Learning Division (CDE-EXLD), the California Afterschool Network has created a series of virtual workshops to help Expanded Learning grantee staff strengthen their knowledge and understanding.

How to Use the Grantee Orientation Workshops:

In conjunction with the Grantee Orientation virtual workshops, CAN has created activity outlines and materials for Expanded Learning professionals to use to facilitate internal training and professional development with their staff. The recordings can be used for program quality improvement planning, watched over a series of weeks, used as part of an on-boarding process or even as a refresher at the end of the year! 

Other Valuable CDE EXLD Resources:

The California Department of Education – Expanded Learning Division has released a series of videos highlighting the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in Action. The purpose of these videos is to serve as a resource to support implementation of the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California.


Grants 101

Video title

This video will cover:

Basic requirements of Expanded Learning grants funded through the California Department of Education.

  • After School Education and Safety Program or ASES
  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program or CCLC
  • 21st Century High School Afterschool Safety and Enrichment for Teens Program also known as ASSETs