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CAN Newsletter – We <3 Afterschool!
February 11, 2021

We Love Afterschool, Boy & Girl Holding Hands

Each year in the month of February we celebrate our love for afterschool programs and the amazing staff that support these programs. We hope that you join us this month in sharing the love and celebrating all that is amazing about afterschool!

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – 2021: Challenge and Opportunity
January 13, 2021

“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.”  - Pablo Neruda

It’s time to envision and create the world our children, families, and communities deserve. 

It seems that each day is a new reminder of stark inequities in our social systems. The very ideal that every person is entitled to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is far from a reality. The systems designed to support this ideal have long been rooted in white supremacy, racial injustice, economic inequity, and systemic oppression. Last week’s insurrection at the Nation’s Capital only serves to punctuate the systemic challenges we face. Our history has led us to this moment, and this moment is an opportunity.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – Happy Holidays from CAN!
December 15, 2020

Happy Holidays!

2020 has been an unprecedented year, but afterschool has been a grounding force through the uncertainty. 

As we close out 2020, CAN would like to highlight the critical role afterschool plays for youth. It was evident in 2020 in terms of integration with K-12, as well as the very real response we played immediately to address shelter in place.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – Gratitude for Our Field
November 23, 2020


We hope this newsletter finds you and your community safe and healthy as we transition into the darker cooler months of late fall and early winter. November is often a month centered around practicing thankfulness and gratitude for one another. While we always have a deep appreciation for each of you and the work you do, we want to say it again – each of you matters; each day you spend your time and energy supporting students, families, and communities; and your work is extremely impactful, not only in those communities but across the state and the nation.

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Care and Community in Uncertain Times
A Post-Election Message

Women and child with election ballot box

My children are huge fans of the movie Frozen 2, a story of a culture besieged by the transgressions of its past and with an uncertain future. In this uncertain future, we learn we can only do, “the next right thing.” During this election cycle, this has kept me grounded. I have been focused on doing the next right thing. Our work together is too important to be distracted. 

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – We’re Here For You!
September 10, 2020

Don't Give Up. You are not alone. You Matter.

2020 has been a year filled with challenge after challenge and many of us have yet to process the trauma that our students, communities, and ourselves are experiencing on a daily basis. Our hearts go out to those that are impacted by the fires all across the state. Thank you to those programs that continue to step up time and time again, crisis after crisis – you can catch a small glimpse of this amazing work during challenging times by checking out CAN’s fireside chats with Michael Funk from the California Department of Education.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – Returning to School Safely
August 13, 2020

image of student overlaid on books with an apple

Exactly 5 months ago today many of us we entered into lockdown. Today, across the state, schools, expanded learning programs, students, families, and communities are busy preparing for the next school year and in fact, many have started this week (if not earlier). 2020 has certainly been a year unlike any other and this upcoming school year will be an unprecedented one as well.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – California Protects Afterschool
June 30, 2020

Child in front of a microphone cheering

As California begins to re-open and conversations continue about what school looks like this fall we still very much sit in the midst of two pandemics, COVID-19 and racism. The children and families who rely on our state’s publicly funded afterschool programs are disproportionately affected by the current crises. Nine out of 10 children are children of color, and 84% are socioeconomically disadvantaged. A third of students in After School Education and Safety (ASES) programs are English language learners, and 25% are experiencing homelessness.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Policy Newsletter – We Need Your Voices!
May 22, 2020

Keeping kids safe, engaged, and learning so parents can return to work.

Last week California Governor Gavin Newsom released his revised state budget proposal. While we appreciate the Governor for his leadership in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and appreciate the difficult decisions involved with balancing the budget in the current climate, his proposed cut to afterschool programs would be a huge setback for children and families in California who are already disproportionately affected by the current crisis.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – May is Mental Health Awareness Month
May 13, 2020

May is Mental Health Matters Month #EachMindMatters

Every year in May many promote mental health wellness and combating mental health stigma with Mental Health Awareness Month. This May, as we continue to experience the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen an increased focus on health worldwide, and recognition that health includes mental health. That being said, our field has long recognized the importance of supporting the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our youth, staff, families, and communities.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other
April 15, 2020

Daily Quarantine Questions

Many of us this week have approached the 1-month mark since we started sheltering in place. While we know more than we did a month ago many more questions remain unanswered. During this time the CAN team continues to search for ways to support our amazing afterschool and expanded learning field and the students, families, and communities that we continue to serve during these unique and challenging times.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – Caring for Our Community
March 17, 2020

Hands holding a globe

We know that the last few days and weeks have not been easy for anyone, and many folks have been faced with difficult decisions and challenges. Many of the afterschool staff and the children, youth, and families we serve already deal with many fears and trauma. While we cannot physically gather with one another - this is a time for our community to come together and support one another. As we all work to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 (coronavirus ) we want you to know that the entire team at the California AfterSchool Network is here for you.

CAN Newsletter

CAN Newsletter – Feel the Love
February 27, 2020

Attendees at the Site Coordinator Symposium

Two weeks ago we held our California Love: Site Coordinator Symposium in Fresno, California and we felt the love! Thank you for everyone who joined us and contributed to making it a truly wonderful event. Shortly we will be sharing photos and resources from the event so keep an eye out for that in the CAN App and our social media pages.

Be sure to Save the Date for our 4th Annual Site Coordinator Symposium:
February 5-6, 2021
Sacramento Convention Center
Registration Coming Soon!

We love afterschool and our afterschool staff and hope you felt the love too!