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CDE Resources

As a service to the field, CAN provides regular updates and messages from the California Department of Education (CDE). Currently many of these messages are from the Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) but occasionally may include other relevant content from other divisions and offices of CDE.

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Legislative Change to After School Program Snack Requirement
A Message from the CDE

New legislation pertaining to the snack requirement for ASES, 21st CCLC, and ASSETs programs became effective January 1, 2014.  Attached is a handout explaining the change, comparing the new requirement with the prior requirement, and a list of suggested resources on meals and snacks served in after school programs.

For questions about the snack requirements or the option to serve a meal, please feel free to contact Cindy Schneider, Education Programs Consultant, After School Division by phone at 916-319-0601 or by email at .


CDE Afterschool Division Posts Guidance on Reporting Costs

Check out the California Department of Education’s updated website to access valuable funding information. After school program grant recipients and sub-contractors looking for assistance in managing administrative costs and how to effectively budget should go to the Direct Services and Administrative Costs Guidance page. Here, recipients will find information on how to properly spend and report all costs as well as detailed information about the “85 percent/15 percent” rule.